Electronic Acupuncture Pen LY-508BH
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Electronic Acupuncture Pen LY-508BH


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Product Specifications:
  • Item Type: Acupuncture & Moxibustion Therapy Device
  • Item Name: Electronic Automatic Acupuncture Pen
  • Material: Plastic/Metal
  • Condition: 100% Brand New 

Product Indicates:
Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, does no harm to human health

Product Function:
1. Warming and activating meridian
2. Promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis
3. Relieve pain,improve immunity
4. Regularize internal secretion

Product Operation Steps:
1. “ON/OFF” knob to around 4 files, then “Sensitivity” spin around to 2, about 2 per second when detecting acoustic hum shall prevail.Due to personal skin and dry humidity weather, “Sensitivity” regulation vary from person to person.
2. Before use, first will need to use in the treatment of probe is installed in the host, and then insert the conductive rod wire in the host at the bottom of the interface, another hand hold the contact rod form a loop.
3. Correct posture of hand instruments, such as holding pen, thumb contact instrument metal conduction piece 1, escaping contact conduction metal piece 2, erect hold in contact with human skin.
4. Detection: the meridian entry points in detecting meridian acupoints, when they hear a continuous hum and display values increase rapidly, the channels and collaterals acupuncture points are detected, then press start treatment under treatment.Note: when detecting meridian acupoints, may hold the key treatment.
5. Treatment, can through the “ON/OFF” key to adjust the intensity of appropriate treatment, in order to feel comfortable it is advisable to (a total of 10 strength level is adjustable from 0 to 9).
6. After using, press the “ON/OFF” key to adjust to the closed position.
7. Replace beauty probe: beauty face, remove the probe counterclockwise, then clockwise lock beauty probe.

Product Package Included:
1* Electronic Acupuncture Pen
2* Probes
1* Cable
1* Reflux Cable
1* User Manual
1*  Acupuncture Point Map

Dose not include adapter
Packed by Retail Box or No box as your choose

Please Notice: 
Treatment principle of  Electronic Acupuncture Pen  is used electrical pulses to to stimulate acupuncture points then to activate cell and dredging the channel, while there is a condition to generate the electrical pulse,that is,current//’s positive and negative poles must be turned on. The pen is a monopole current(the nib) output, so the other pole current should be conducted by hands and form circumfluence with the nid of the  Electronic Acupuncture Pen ,so that it will produce electrical pulses.So it is normal to feel a little numbness of the holding hand, it is how the meridian pen works, not quality problem.

In the current return process, depending on the size of the hands//’resistance value,the strength you feel will be a little different.Some people would feel more strong and some will feel weak. Young people or health people will feel a little stronger. Elderly or in poor health people will feel weak. 
Phenomenon like Electric leakage, Electric numbness, Electrical Stimulation of Electronic Acupuncture Pen, like discussed above,is not quality problem, but its treatment principle.

●  The essence of Chinese medicine, health promotion;
●  Fusion of modern biotechnology;
●  Without piercing the skin to do acupuncture;
●  Simple operation, easy to carry;
●  Safe and effective, with no side effects;
●  Automatically search the acupuncture,it will not work if not find the acupuncture and if  meridian obstruction;
●  Transient pulse;
●  Accurate physical therapy;
●  Affordable family use

Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.
Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

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