ACU DOCTOR Electronic Acupuncture Pen

ACU DOCTOR Electronic Acupuncture Pen


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ACU DOCTOR Electronic Acupuncture Pen

EU Plug or US Plug We will match the plug according to the country where you placed the order. You can contact us if you have special requirements.

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This is the cordless handheld pen that stimulates acupoints to help relieve pain using harmless electrical pulses rather than needles. It automatically detects meridian points with audible alerts and an LCD screen to help you easily identify the area to be treated. Simply pressing the tip against the skin sends low frequency electrical impulses deep into tissue to help activate the body’s natural healing ability. The sensitivity and intensity can be adjusted to your individual treatment preference. With three interchangeable tips for the face, body, and ears. A __-hour charge provides __ minutes of operation. For use in 3-5 minute sessions up to twice a day. Includes storage case. Not for use with pacemakers. 9″ L x 13/4″ W x 11/2″ D. (11/4 lbs.)ribe the details of the selling point above, attracting and providing trust to your potential users.

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Package includes:

1*Electric Acupuncture Pen 1*Giftbox hard carton packing 3*Acupuncture Probes 1*Empty Jar(Not included the Gel) 1*Conductive bar 1*US/EU Standard Wall Charger and USB Charger 1*English User Manual

How to use it?(Important Steps):

If the skin is dry,the device will not work!!!you need take some gel,cream or lotion on the skin before use. Introduction of various settings to adjust the device: (varying to different skin) Hz knob:Knob”Hz” to biggest value. SEN knob: “2” (If you set “SEN’ to 2 there is no beeps and light no flash,please knob”SEN” higher step by reach a continuous beep sound and the light is flashing( 2 times beeps per second is nice).if the sensitivity settings too high will result in inaccurate detection. ON/OFF/ INT: “4” (“INT” knob set higher, the more Shock feeling you will get.It is better to set the Intensity step by step.)


Output Intensity:0-10 mA Power Supply: AC110-240V/DC 3.7V Frequency Control:Adjustable LCD Digital Display:Frequency/Sensitivity Indicator Indicator Lamp:Pulse Rate Indicator Point Detection:Meter, Sound and Light Indicators Pulse Width: 220microseconds Pulse Modes: Continuous Pulse Shape: Asymmetric Biphasic Square Waveep description here.


1.Not suitable for pregnant women and hypertension patients. 2.In order to find the points,During detecting the meridian point, donot press the treatment button. 3.The product comes with an empty jar of the gel,if your skin is DRY,use the gel,conductive liquid,cream or cosmetic lotion on the body parts before use to detect more accurate acupoints. 4.The acupuncture pen does not work when it is charging.Please unplug and re-use the device after it is fully charged. Detailed example of the product effect.

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