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How To Use The Acupuncture pen And Its Benefits?

There are three distinct heads on the electric acupuncture tool. Meridian pen can adjusted to nine different intensities to suit your demands, and it automatically shuts off the feature to minimise overheating and conserve energy. With regular use of this electronic massager, you will be able to relieve discomfort, elevate your mood, unwind, enhance the condition of your skin, and delay the onset of premature ageing – a fusion of modern, high-quality massage pen beneficial to health promotion. Easy to carry and simple to use. It is risk-free and without adverse effects with Acupuncture pen.

Which massage settings does the pen offer?

Tapping Massage, one of the pen’s four massage settings, provides full-body therapy and eases discomfort. Partial body discomfort can treated using node point massage. It works best for aching shoulders, backs, elbows, knees, and ankles. Blood circulation and acupuncture can both benefit from scraping massage.

The acupuncture pen: How do I use it?

Take out the acupuncture pen. Place the battery in and position the head accordingly. To change the intensity, press the power button. Pose while holding them at the desired location.

Which part can I use Meridian Pen?

The Acupuncture massage pen is suitable for both facial beauty and health care. To use this gadget efficiently, it is crucial that everyone understands acupoints and how they function.

Node Type

Applicable to Pain in certain body parts. The probe portion of an acupuncture pen operates on the single-phase electrical theory and relies on the body’s static charge to complete a loop. If you allow someone else to treat you with acupuncture, the person must place their palm now on your skin for the acupuncture pen to function. If he doesn’t touch your skin, the Meridian massage pen, you won’t be able to feel anything.


Suitable for rapidly reducing Pain. Effectively provide pain relief therapy for various acute and chronic physical pains, including shoulder, tennis elbow, back, neck, knee, ankle, and foot discomfort. Arthritis, neuromuscular discomfort, and frozen shoulder treatment

The neck and shoulders

Do you have neck and shoulder aches from using the computer at work all day?

Meridian pens can provide you energy and reduce muscle tension.

Fusion of a high-quality, modern massage pen is beneficial to health. Easy to carry and simple to use. Meridian Acupuncture Pen is risk-free and without adverse effects. Appropriate for family use.

Back and the arm

The family can assist you in massaging the parts of your back that are difficult for you to reach when you wish to use the Electronic Acupuncture Pen on your back. It must make contact you to perform the acupuncture pen’s electrical circuitry.

After using, one senses; immediately at ease and relaxed. The gadget slips into the epidermis and causes a sensation of stimulation and vibration. This sensation intensifies when it comes in contact with the acupoints.


The problem of waist pain is a prevalent one as people age.

Physiotherapy: The acupuncture pen can stimulate the acupoint and cause the epidermis to vibrate. You’ll feel comfy and at ease after utilising it. It directly influences body tissue, controls body absorption, modifies balance and metabolism, among other tasks, through the bioelectrical axis network.

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